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    Want to start your own clothing business in SL? Here are some of our latest creations. There are hundreds of different clothing designs to choose from in our in world store. So come and see our fantastic clothing template store in SL or items listed on SL Marketplace. Top quality clothing templates for men and women. We have the biggest selection of full permissions jeans, jackets, shirts, dresses, shorts, club sets, tops, pants. Get your business started today !!

    IM Typhaon Nishi or Suzy Somerton for more details.

    To contact us email tdtemplatesl@gmail.com

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Archive for the "UNISEX" Category


Animal Jeans come in 3 styles, Animal, Leopard and Snake.
Includes sculpted cuff, textures and map. Low cut, unisex, suitable for men and women. TGA, PNG, ready to wear, multilayered PSD.


Create your own Wide Neck Sweaters to add to your clothing line. TGA/PNG + Multi-Layered PSD. PS & GIMP Compatible. Includes 2 Sculpties – Sculpted Neck Prim + Cuffs. 12 Colors.

Marketplace Link Click Here


Create your own Dirty Wash Jeans to add to your clothing line with these high quality full perm templates. Unisex. TGA/PNG & Multi-Layered PSD. 4 Variations – Dirty & Ripped/Ripped Only/Dirty Only and Plain (No Fx). Plus! Includes 2 Sculpted Jeans Cuffs with Fabrics / Sculpt Maps & Shadow Maps – Loose & Roll-Up Jeans Cuffs.

Marketplace link Click Here


Create your own T-Shirts for your clothing line with these high-quality realistic shirt templates designed by TD Templates. Both Mens and Womens Versions Included. If you’re just getting started designing in SL this package also includes a Starter Guide for residents to learn some essential SL clothing skills. Plus! Hanger Displays (also in PSD & TGA format – pictured in the second image above) to place on vendors in your store. 12 Colors. The Starter Guide also shows you how to make the t-shirt in your own colors.

Marketplace Link Click Here

Wrinkles / Creases Pack 2

After the success of the Wrinkles / Creases Set 1, here is the second set of high quality Crease Brushes from TD Templates. 25 Brushes Included! ABR Format * compatible in Photoshop and GIMP. Easy to follow installation instructions for both Photoshop and GIMP. Creases also in separated .PNG image format.

Marketplace Link click here


Denim jackets creator kit. Includes Multi-Layered PSD+TGA. Vest and Long Sleeve style variations. Denim fabrics also included to use with your own sculpts. Unisex.

Marketplace Link here


The essential kit for creating stylish looking jeans in SL. Includes TGA/PNG & a multi-layered PSD packed full with lots of different jeans elements. The jeans creator kit also comes with high quality textured sculpted cuffs for added realism. Choose from a selection of different styles: High Rise / Low Rise Versions + Normal / Ripped Variations. Unisex – For both Men and Women. Plus sculpted jeans cuffs with sculpt map and fabrics.

Marketplace Link here


2nd Release today. Complete the summer look. Linen Pants/Shorts with adjustable length from shorts to full length pants. Unisex. Multilayered PSD + TGA/PNG. Includes sculpted leg cuffs.

Marketplace link here

Easy Jeans – Jeans Creator Beginners Kit -Templates TGA, PNG & PSD – FULL PERMISSIONS

Here’s a great new kit for those who wish to start making their own jeans. Add your own designs to them or sell them as it. The package includes sample jeans in 3 denim shades, TGA and PNG files. Fabric samples and instructions. PSD is easy to use, can be used easily in photoshop, paintshop pro and GIMP! Easy to add your own texture by adding just one layer! So simple to use.
TGA, PNG, Multi-layered PSD.


Great for winter and all year round – Timberlake Hooded Sweaters in TGA & layered PSD format. Layers include creases/fabric/cuffs/front pattern and more. Suits both men and women. Also includes exclusive by TD sculpted hood+cuffs with fabrics.

SL Marketplace link here

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